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Welcome to Green House Feeding, where our dedication to cultivating excellence shines through every product we offer. Crafted by the pioneering minds at Green House Seed Co., our award-winning plant nutrients stand at the forefront of agricultural innovation. With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, our nutrients are designed to cater to specific plant types across all growth stages, ensuring your gardening endeavors are met with unparalleled success.

Unmatched Quality and Convenience

At Green House Feeding, we pride ourselves on offering products that are not only effective but also simple to use, store, and transport. Our nutrient lines, including both mineral and bio options, are highly concentrated, making them cost-effective solutions for any grower. Manufactured in the EU, every ingredient we use is of the highest food-grade quality, ensuring your plants receive the best care possible.

Our Product Lines

Mineral Line:

Tailored for those seeking efficient, straightforward nutrition solutions, our mineral line is easy to use and provides essential nutrients for all plant stages.

Bio Line:

Our bio line, featuring the versatile BioEnhancer, is perfect for organic cultivators aiming to boost nutrient uptake, improve soil conditions, and stimulate plant growth. The inclusion of Humic and Fulvic Acids, sourced from leonardite, alongside Seaweed extract enriches the soil, enhances nutrient absorption, and promotes vigorous root development. This line is specially formulated to improve flavor, nutritional values, and overall plant vitality.

Key Products


A powerful tool for every organic gardener, BioEnhancer is formulated to enhance nutrient uptake, act as a soil conditioner, and stimulate plant growth. It is highly effective for rooting cuttings, germinating seeds, and can be used as a foliar spray.


Designed for the vegetative growth stage, BioGrow is an ‘all-in-ONE’ natural blend that provides essential nutrients for superior growth. It ensures that plants receive the necessary Nitrogen for their development, offering a steady release of nutrients over 8 weeks.


For the flowering and fruit production stage, BioBloom is an ‘all-in-ONE’ solution that delivers the right balance of macro- and micronutrients, including high amounts of naturally derived phosphorus for efficient fruiting and flowering.

Experience the Green House Powder Feeding Line

With Green House Powder Feeding, we aim to empower cultivators around the globe with top-tier plant nutrients. Our comprehensive feeding line is engineered to meet the diverse needs of fast-growing plants, ensuring they receive the perfect balance of nutrients throughout their growth cycle. Experience the best results with Green House Powder Feeding and join the ranks of satisfied growers worldwide.

Discover the difference with Green House Feeding and elevate your gardening to new heights. Explore our product range today and see why our nutrients are the preferred choice for growers seeking excellence and reliability.


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